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Who We Are

The Web Bar, LLC.  is a web and graphic design company created to provide exclusive branding development for companies and individuals.  We provide a digital interface and customized branding solutions through creativity, innovation, color, graphic designs, and coordinating typography. Our web and graphic designs help organize various aspects of companies to inform their clients about who they are as a business and what they have to offer. We also specialize in helping individuals distinguish their personal styles and sentiments through creative design.

What We Believe

The Web Bar, LLC. believes that our graphics and designs are created to enhance business and social connections between our clients and their peers.  We cater to the belief that first impressions are built upon appearance, presentation, and professionalism. As a result, the craftsmanship in our design and services reflect character, quality, creativity, innovation, and customization. These are the core values that our company is built upon.

Our Work
Our Services

The Web Bar offers a variety of graphic and web design solutions to assist

 professional clientele in developing a signature brand or individual digital style.

Company Branding


Logo Design • Business Cards • Stationery • Branding Packages



Digital and  Web Designs


Website Design/Development • Email Templates • Web Ads • Digital Résumés • Digital Portfolios • Ebooks • Blogs • Desktop Wallpaper • Infographics • Promotional Videos • Business Presentations


Print Designs

Brochures • Flyers • Posters • Signs • Postcards • Direct Mail Pieces • Résumés • Bookmarks • Album Covers • Custom Invitations • Labels & Packaging • Gift Cards • Certificates • Magazines • Photo books • Business Folders and Marketing Materials


Restaurant Items

Menus & Takeout Menus • Table Tents • Appetizer Cards • Lunch Cards •Comment Cards • Coasters • Door Hangers • Stickers & Labels


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Banners & Headers • Social Media Advertisements & Posts

Promotional Items

Tee Shirts • Pens • Pencils • Coffee Cups • Tote Bags • Mousepads


Speaker Media Kits

Letterhead & Branding Designs • Any Additional Marketing Materials: Press Kit; Media Kits; Speaker Sheets, etc.


Contact Us

Kelli Simone Rembert

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